SportsVision LCD Video Display

Make your next event interactive with the Sportsvision LCD Video Display. Generate even more revenue for your school with unlimited sponsorship opportunities while displaying them proudly throughout the game. Our 4' x 6.5' video display uses the supplied control pad, computer and internal Wi-Fi system to connect and deliver content to the display. Highlight your team's players, supporting sponsors, concessions and keep the crowd energized with cheers and special content you can easily control. Connect to the school's sound system to coordinate the entire event.

  • 80” High Definition Monitor
  • 4’ x 6.5’ Aluminum Enclosure w/ Protective Plexiglass Front
  • Industry-Leading Sportsvision software for easy operation
  • Full Multi-Media capabilities include: advertisements, animations, spirit videos, starting lineups, team pictures, pre-game videos, National Anthem, school announcements & video and image playback
  • HDMI input to connect laptop, blu-ray player, Apple TV, Chromecast, etc.
  • Power Button & LED indicator w/ included key fob to turn on/off
  • Connect to sound system via microphone cable
  • Operates on it’s own wireless network – no need to get IT involved
  • Tablet PC controller included