May, 2018 News

Backstop padding installed at Campbellsville
Out with the old, in with the new. Campbellsville High School has added new backstop padding to their baseball field. Looks great!

Posted by Slam Dunk on 5/29/2018

Outdoor LED Marquee
Working with schools is our specialty, but we also enjoy doing work for our local community. A new LED sign has been installed for Express Laundry down the road from our offices. A great upgrade for them, and a nice addition to the City of Middletown, OH.

Posted by Slam Dunk on 5/25/2018

Window Graphics added at Peru High School
Window graphics make all the difference. A great way to enhance the outside of your school. Check out the before and after pictures at Peru High School.

Posted by Slam Dunk on 5/9/2018

Padded Sideline Chairs
The basketball season may be over, but LaRue County Middle School is preparing for next year. The new padded sideline chairs look great, and they come with a 25-year frame warranty.

Posted by Slam Dunk on 5/8/2018

Eliminate MRSA, Ringworm, and other bacteria
We are pleased to be introducing a new product; the Sterilaser. The 48" wide UV Light product is design to eliminate 99.7% of all harmful bacteria; MRSA, Ringworm, and more.

Due to the efficiency of the UV Light, we are able to eliminate these dangers on just about any surface. A study conducted ...

Posted by Slam Dunk on 5/2/2018

More Window Graphics
With the weather heating up, now is the time to think about some window graphics. A great way to add more security to your school, while also providing a more school spirited look.

Posted by Slam Dunk on 5/2/2018

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