February, 2018 News

Door Graphics and Wall Graphics for Newport Central Catholic
A huge transformation in the Newport Central Catholic gym. New wall graphics and door graphics have given the place a much needed upgrade.

Posted by Slam Dunk on 2/15/2018

Wall Padding installed at Bellevue
Thanks to our partnership with St. Elizabeth Healthcare, we were able to provide the new wall padding at no cost to Bellevue High School.

Posted by Slam Dunk on 2/13/2018

Video Score Table added to Trotwood-Madison
The new video score table is set-up and ready to go. A great way to increase your school's athletic budget through unlimited sponsorship opportunities.

Posted by Slam Dunk on 2/9/2018

Video Score Table added to LaRue County
Check out the new video scoring table at Larue County High School. You know what the best part is? We provided the table at NO COST to the school through our sponsorship program.

The new table provides endless sponsorship opportunity to increase the school's athletic budget.

We can do the same for you!

Posted by Slam Dunk on 2/6/2018

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