March, 2017 News

New windscreen at Eastwood High School (OH)
The new windscreen is now installed and ready for baseball season. Working with Eastwood High School was great and look forward to working with them in the future.

Posted by Slam Dunk on 3/30/2017

Backstop padding for Mount St Joseph's University Softball
A great addition to an already fantastic softball complex. The backstop padding has been installed just in time for the Lion's to begin their 2017 softball season.

Posted by Slam Dunk on 3/28/2017

Weight Room Graphics added at Northwest High School (Cincinnati)
What a difference wall graphics make! A great transformation in the Northwest weight room and we are glad we could help.

Posted by Slam Dunk on 3/28/2017

New Baseball Scoreboard at Covington Catholic (KY)
Covington Catholic received a NEW 9-inning baseball scoreboard at a reduced cost thanks to St. Elizabeth Healthcare & Commonwealth Orthopaedic Centers

Posted by Slam Dunk on 3/22/2017

Perry Meridian adds a new digital Hall of Fame
A new digital, touchscreen application was installed at Perry Meridian High School to upgrade their current Hall of Fame. The new set-up eliminates the issues of space and brings the history and tradition of the school back to life.

Posted by slam dunk on 3/16/2017

New LED Marquee for the City of Middletown, Ohio
The improvements keep coming for Middletown. A new LED marquee was just installed and is a great way to provide city information, upcoming events, and much more.

Posted by Slam Dunk Sports Marketing on 3/16/2017

New Baseball Scoreboard for Middletown High School
Middletown High School has been continuously updating their facilities and Slam Dunk is proud to be a part of the new baseball scoreboard. Good luck to the Middies in 2017.

Posted by Slam Dunk Sports Marketing on 3/13/2017

Touchscreen Hall of Fame added at Northmont (OH)
Like every school, honoring the tradition and history is key. Northmont wanted to bring that past back to life with our interactive Hall of Fame. The touchscreen application has unlimited storage and brings your alumni, community and current students back together.

Posted by Slam Dunk Sports Marketing on 3/2/2017

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