Who We Are

Slam Dunk Sports Marketing is a customer-focused company dedicated to providing quality services and athletic equipment to schools while offering exclusive opportunities to advertisers and sponsors. Since 2003, Slam Dunk has donated over $3 million in revenue and $10.5 million in athletic equipment to schools while helping thousands of advertisers reach an audience that has grown to over 14 million high school & college sports fans each year.

What We Do

In addition to selling top-of-the-line athletic equipment, we assist schools in generating revenue and obtaining athletic equipment at no cost through our Sponsorship Revenue and Free Equipment Programs. Our value-driven Sponsorship Advertising Program enables sponsors and advertisers to professionally promote and advertise their business or organization while supporting area high schools.

Where We Are

Based in Middletown, Ohio (between Cincinnati and Dayton), Slam Dunk Sports Marketing offers its exclusive programs and Sponsorship Advertising opportunities at over 400 schools in the Midwest. Slam Dunk offers its entire catalog of equipment and products for purchase within the Continental United States.

Company History

Slam Dunk Sports Marketing was created in 2003 by Paul Jared & Bret Sander. Our goal was to help schools receive athletic equipment through a community-friendly sponsorship program and provide schools with a convenient way to purchase top-quality athletic equipment from one source.

Since 2003, we have helped over 400 schools receive athletic equipment utilizing our sponsorship program and assisted over 1000 schools with athletic equipment purchases. We continue to build our business by developing and adding new products to help serve our customers.

We believe in forging relationships with our customers and suppliers, and work hard to be the “company that gets things done”. Three of our employees were former customers, as coaches and administrators, which is a testament to the level of service and quality that we provide to each school.

Slam Dunk has provided over $10,500,000.00 in equipment at no cost to schools and paid schools over $3,000,000.00 in cash in the last 12 years. We have made giving back to the communities we serve an integral part of our business plan.

Our dedicated team of quality individuals work hard every day to provide quality service to our customers. We visit many of our customers personally and it is not uncommon for our associates to attend athletic events of our school customers.

We see the future as an opportunity to continue to serve our existing customers, and reach new customers with our quality products and services in the years to come.